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3-5-2021 Lytle Ag Students in the Calf Scramble - 2021 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

During the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo several of our Lytle students had the opportunity to participate in the calf scramble to catch a calf. Those that catch are granted money to use toward a breeding animal project for the following year, enabling them to add to or build a herd/flock of their own. The students that did not catch can try another year. These videos were provided by parents, and if you watch closely, you'll see Rylynn, Rowdy, and Allison.

Chosen Scramblers:
Rowdy Harvey - caught 2x - won - $2,900
Rylynn Null - caught - won - $1,700
Allison Marshall - caught - won - $1,200
Kayzen Lassere - bad weather draw / did not scramble) - $1,200
Cashlynn Harvey - did not catch
Kolbi Perkins - did not catch

Bree Criswell - hurt/not able to participate

Thank you Lytle Ag Teachers 

Lorrianne Migura