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3-5-2021 Major Stock Show Results

Many students have recently returned from attending different major stock shows (San Antonio Livestock Show, San Angelo, and Texas Elite). This is where the competition is its toughest as they are competing not only against students in Texas but also in other states. We are so proud of their dedication and hard work. They may not have all placed, but they all are still outstanding individuals in our minds.  

Please enjoy the pictures in Google Album: San Antonio, San Angelo and Texas Elite Stockshows Feb 10-27, 2021  

San Angelo Placings: 

Lillian Evans - 3rd Spot Breeding Gilt 

- 10th Spot STARS Gilt show 

Alex Naegelin - 4th Spot Breeding Gilt 

- 6th Spot Market 

San Antonio Placings:  

Rylan Wagner & Kody Villarreal - Ag Mech Market Place - for the 2nd year in a row this team made the live auction with their custom-built poker table 

Case Conover - 3rd Ag Mech Tractor Restoration 

Texas Elite Showcase Placing:  

Kayzen Lassere - 4th Place Yorkshire 

Several exhibitors got extended looks with their animals and mentions. Just couldn't make the final pull. 

During the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo several of our students had the opportunity to participate in the calf scramble to catch a calf. Those that catch are granted money to use towards a breeding animal project for the following year enabling them to add to or build a herd/flock of their own. The students that did not catch can try another year.  

Chosen Scramblers:  

Rowdy Harvey - caught 2x - won - $2,900 

Rylynn Null - caught - won - $1,700 

Allison Marshall - caught - won - $1,200 

Kayzen Lassere - bad weather draw / did not scramble) - $1,200 

Cashlynn Harvey - did not catch 

Kolbi Perkins - did not catch 

Bree Criswell - hurt/not able to participate 

Videos were provided by parents and are of Rylynn, Rowdy, and Allison. 

Thank you all for your support. 

All this news is too good to be left incomplete. Case Conover also placed second in San Angelo with his tractor. 
Teresa Lassere