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2-22-2021 Superintendent Smith Thanks Staff for Working Hard During Ice Storm

I am sure you are just as happy as I am to be able to return to work and see the kiddos again. Last week was a challenge for everyone especially some of our operations folks. I would like to ask you to join me in thanking those that really went above and beyond. At the risk of leaving someone out, I am going to mention some of our heroes.  

First William Cross and company made many trips to the facilities to turn off the water, cap water lines, clean up messes, and flush lines once the water was restored. I would like William to "reply all" and mention by name the folks in his department that took care of us and let us know what they did.  

Second, Richard Tollett took care of our network having to come up here and turn it on and off to protect it from power surges. He also made it possible for us to get paid last Friday. And currently, he is working on getting me a new computer as mine was on its' last leg and not worth repair after this outage fried it.  

Then Laura Uribe-Center and Barbara De La Fuente never gave up on processing payroll. On Tuesday, TxEIS was out and region 20 said it best to just run the last payroll by calling your bank and have them use the old file. Wednesday the bank was closed due to no water/power. Thursday with fingers crossed, Richard, Laura, and Barbara made it to the office to power up and run payroll. Kathy Duran moved the money and we got paid. A huge thank you.  

Others like ag teacher Raul Flores repaired water lines at the ag barn so animals could have water. I know there are many others that did things I don't even know about. Please feel free to acknowledge our family members with a "reply all".  

Principals did many things behind the scenes to get ready for today. Shoot out to Jammie Fewell and Wendy Conover in preparing for primary teachers to work from the elementary today as well as take care of employee children who attend the primary. Keep your fingers crossed the part comes in today and we can get the primary water back up and running for tomorrow.  

Also, thanks to Lorrianne Migura for getting all the messages out and posted to social media. Not an easy task with the power out and means of communication dead from time to time.   

“Thanks to all of those who braved the weather and worked to minimize the effects on our personal and work lives! I know Amie Carrillo was up here checking for food spoilage and supplies for feeding our kids today, and it was nice to have quick access to winter storm warnings from Cumorah Eldredge!”  

- Lorrianne Migura 

Photos from Snow Week Fun/Survival 


Michelle Carroll Smith