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4-20-2021 Columbine Anniversary

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. Two Seniors killed 12 students and 1 teacher. In addition to the shootings, two large bombs were placed in the cafeteria, their cars in the parking lot were made into bombs, and at a location away from school, two more bombs were set up as diversions. Fortunately, only one of the 6 bombs partially went off. This mass incident, and subsequent response, helped shape the way we now view school safety and security. It also spurred the idea of threat assessment and how we view mental health with regards to mitigation and discipline. I was a Senior in High School when this occurred. As a class officer, I distinctly remember sitting in meetings as we finalized Prom, Senior Trip and Graduation. Because of the 24/7 media coverage, we were all quite nervous that this same thing could happen at our school. I truly appreciate the support of our School Board and Superintendent in allowing me the opportunity to carry out my job and do everything we can to protect and secure our students, staff and facilities. Thank you for your support and assistance.  

Stay Safe! 

Cumorah Eldredge