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Lytle Junior High Remote Instruction Grading Policy

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JH Grading Policy for 19-20 for Cycle 4 of Online Learning



The JH Grading policy for Cycle 4 will consist of a final grade of either P for Pass, or I for incomplete. Teachers have been inputting student progress each week on the JH Accountability Spreadsheet and our expectation is that all students complete the work for this cycle. Teachers will input either a green square, yellow square, or red square. Acceptable progress is indicated by either a green or a yellow square. Red indicates that students have not made effort or progress. There will be a total of 7 weeks on the spreadsheet for the Online Learning cycle for core classes and 6 weeks for elective classes. If a student completes 4/7 cycles with a green or yellow indicator (or 3/6 for electives), they will receive a P for passing the cycle. If they receive less than this, they will receive an I for incomplete and be required to make up work in summer school until they have met expectations.( Their report card will go out with a note explaining “pending summer school” until requirements are met.) For grading purposes in TxEis, a student that receives a P for cycle 4 will receive a 100 for the cycle. This will allow the system to create an average for Semester 2 and then give a final numerical grade to be inputted into the system. A student that does not complete satisfactory work will receive an I. Once a satisfactory amount of summer school work is completed, the grade will then be changed to a P, their final grade will be awarded, and their grades will be inputted into TxEis and their grades can be numerically calculated. To clarify, grades for cycles 1-3 will stand as is. However, all students are expected to work and complete at least the minimum expectation in cycle 4 for in order to receive a “P.” If they do not, they will receive an “I,” until they do complete the requirements in summer school. If a student still does not meet minimum after summer school, the individual students will be taken to a Grade Placement Committee and a final grade will be determined for cycle 4 and for the year.

Assignment Schedule for the Remainder of the Year: The goal is to allow students as much time as possible to complete and turn in their assignments prior to the end of the cycle. Therefore, we will not post new assignments during the week of May 18-22. The last day for electives to post assignments will be the week of May 4. This will allow students two weeks to complete and turn in all elective assignments for the cycle. The last day for core teachers to post will be on May 11. At this time, they will all post their assignments for the week and students must submit all assignments by May 20. The Accountability Spreadsheet and grades in TxEis are due by 5:00 pm on May 22. Teachers will be completing final updates to the spreadsheets and determining a final cycle grade of P or I. They will then move to TxEis and input either a 100 for Passing or an I if the student will still have to work during summer school. This will allow the system to average cycle 3 and 4 grades for a semester 2 grade and then average both semester grades for a final grade. 



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