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Lytle High School Remote Instruction Grading Policy

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COVID-19 Update

Lytle High School Campus Grading Policy for Remote Instruction


Grades are an important tool used by teachers to monitor student mastery of skills, track academic progress, and make instructional decisions that provide opportunities for student growth and success. Grades are also an important form of feedback for parents and students, as they are a clear form of accountability and communication. As the campus continues to move forward to provide remote online learning opportunities to its students, all of these functions will continue to be important; however, the format may change for the last grading cycle.

Grades will still function as a form of accountability and communication, but after March 13th, new grades assigned will be used to show evidence of participation and completion with regards to online learning tasks. There will be a minimum of two grades a week taken for students and these grades will provide feedback to teachers on progress towards mastery of learning standards.

If a student completes the online course of study/credit recovery (Edmentum/Plato) successfully, they will receive a grade of “P” for Passing. However, if they do not successfully complete the coursework/credit recovery, they will receive an “F” for Fail.  The cycle 4 grades will then be considered with the grades from the previous report card(3rd Nine Weeks) and a final grade will be awarded for the school year. An Academic Review Committee will review all students who do not successfully receive credit. Keep in mind, not receiving course credit may disrupt a students’ qualifications to meet graduation requirements.  Please note that we will not be giving semester or final exams for the last part of this year. Information that is more specific will follow, as we get closer to the end of this school year. 

Remote Online Information for Parents

At this time, Parent Portal will not be active. All assignments and grades will be in the Blackboard system. If your child is struggling, you or your child may contact the teacher through the Blackboard forum, through REMIND, or through email Teachers are keeping office hours and these are communicated on their Blackboard pages. If you contact them, they will reply back to you or your child within 24 hours. 

At this time, instruction is only available through our Remote Online Instruction program, Blackboard. Please ensure that your child can use his/her device to access this program through Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi may be accessed through your home service, Smart phone hotspots, and through the Wi-Fi at the High School or Junior High campuses. Parents are welcome to park in our parking lots at anytime and access our Wi-Fi. Please contact your child’s teacher if you experience difficulty.




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