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2014, 1-28 LHS History Fair showcases student research

Thank you so much for helping to make our History Fair successful!

The following list represents our winners:


1. Celeste Martinez, Chasity Santos - Salem Witch Trials 2. Alexis Garcia, Morgan Sanders - Women of WWII 3. Leslie D., Angela Walters, Randall Montogomery-Gun Laws


1. Matt Koehl and Lauren Castro- Jack Kevorkian


1. Adam Leyva-Argenal, Emma Mask-Women's Suffrage 2. Juli Cadena, Cheyenne Weitzel, Rachel Terzado - Soldiers of the Vietnam War


1. Jose Gutierrez, Dylan Martinez, Onofre Vasquez - The Magna Carta and Medieval England 2. Michelle Owen, Jeronimo Perez - Nuclear Arms 3. Natalie Andrade, Belen Garcia and Marisela Rios - The Struggle for Aboriginal Rights in Australia