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Superintendent Michelle Carroll Smith End of School Year Message to Pirate Staff and Families

Lytle ISD Official Communications  May 27, 2021

End of School Year Message

from Superintendent of Schools

Michelle Carroll Smith

Dear Pirate Families,

For the last 15 months Lytle ISD adopted safety protocols including face masks, desk shields, hand sanitizing, facility sanitization, lunch served in classrooms, remote learning and social distancing to keep our students safe. The CDC recently updated its guidance regarding the future of Covid-19 protocols and we asked our Lytle parents' for their input as we revise our plans for summer academies and next school year. 

More than 450 parents responded to our request for feedback on moving forward with COVID-19 procedure adjustments. We are so appreciative that our parents and guardians took the time to voice their priorities and concerns. Here is a summary of what we gathered from the collective group: 

  • 50% said students and staff should no longer be required to wear masks.
  • 62% said if it were optional, they would send their student to school in a mask this summer and next school year.
  • 67% wanted desk shields removed.
  • 65% did not want distancing or lunch in classrooms to continue to be required.
  • 87% did not see the need to offer remote instruction.
  • 42% said they wanted NO COVID protocols continued. They want life to return back to normal completely.

Moving forward, for summer academies and next school year, we ask families to make the decision for themselves whether to send their students to school with masks or face shields. We will have these supplies available to students, but we will not require masks or face coverings for staff or students.

We will continue to use our supply of hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes at campuses and buildings, and custodial staff will continue to sanitize our buildings on a regular basis. We will not require teachers to clean student desks and tables after every class rotation. We are taking down the desk shields and plastic dividers. Air purifiers will continue to be used in classrooms and the common areas where they are currently operating.

We ended remote instruction for the last nine weeks of school and we will not offer a remote option for summer school or the 2021-2022 school year.

Like many of our families, we want life to return to normal for the sake of our students’ social emotional health as well as for the benefit of getting academic growth back on track. Our summer academies are going to offer instruction and social activities to help our students recover what many have lost. Extended school days to offer tutoring and enrichment activities before and after school will be offered in the new school year.

I thank all our Pirate families and our Pirate staff for the countless ways in which we all banded together as a family to get through the hardships brought on by this pandemic. I am excited to move forward with plans for recovery and renewed discovery in support of our students’ positive growth.

While I’m happy about moving forward, I want to also extend condolences to all the families in our community who lost loved ones to COVID-19. We will continue to be here to support you and your students with friendship and prayers for healing. 



Michelle Carroll Smith

Lytle ISD Superintendent of Schools

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