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Superintendent and Leadership Zoom Video with Back-to-School Plans 7/2/2020

Superintendent Michelle Carroll Smith provides insight into the district's approach to making plans for back-to-school. This recorded Zoom Video is full of information from all district leaders on what parents and students can expect in the coming weeks as back-to-school plans are made. Stick it out to the end to see some great footage of every student and staff from our "Lytle Family Portrait" last September (2019). Here is how the video is sectioned out, so you can review or skip forward to campus information you may be looking for:

00:00 Introduction from Superintendent Smith

05:08 Assistant Superintendent Harry Piles

10:51 Ms. Smith talks about parents' choice on remote or in-person instruction.

11:38 Director of Maintenance and Operations, William Cross

13:13 Director of Transportation, Armando Esquivel

14:24 School Safety & Security Coordinator, Cumorah Eldredge

16:59 Director of Child Nutrition, Amie Carrillo

18:24 Director of Information Technology, Richard Tollett

20:28 Lytle Elementary Principal, Wendy Conover

22:48 Lytle Junior High Principal, Libby Stewart

25:25 Lytle High School Principal, Jose Garza

26:57 Lytle Primary School Principal, Jammie Fewell

29:58 Ms. Smith talks about flexibility in all our plans.

30:19 Lytle ISD Athletic Director, Coach Wilson

31:47 Director of Career & Technology Education, Loretta Zavala

32:41 Director of Special Education, Robby Pierce

34:25 Director of Technology & Curriculum Integration

35:44 Director of Human Resources, Laura Uribe-Center

36:47 Business & Finance Manager, Kathy Duran

37:43 Director of Public Relations, Lorrianne Migura

40:00 Family Portrait Video