Lytle ISD Board of Trustees

LeeAnna Mask, President

LeeAnna Mask, Board President, SMD 4

Anthony Reyna, Secretary

Anthony Reyna, Trustee, SMD 2

Reagan Wagner, Trustee

Reagan Wagner, Secretary, SMD 7

Bobby Sollock, Trustee

Bobby Sollock, Trustee, SMD 3

Nan Boyd, Vice President

Nan Boyd, Vice President, SMD 5

Oscar Jimenez, Trustee

Oscar Jimenez, Trustee, SMD 6

Mae Flores, Trustee

Mae Flores, Trustee, SMD 1

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  • Notice of Deadline to File an Application for Place on Ballot May 2021

    Board Framework

    The Board of Trustees is the educational policy-making body for Texas public school districts. To effectively meet the challenges of public education, school boards and superintendents must function together as a leadership team. Each leadership team must annually assess their development needs as a corporate body and individually to gain an understanding of the vision, structure, accountability, advocacy, and unity needed to provide educational programs and services that ensure the equity and excellence in performance of all students. The Framework for School Board Development has been approved by the State Board of Education to provide the critical areas of development for all public school boards.

    Board Operating Procedures

    Lytle ISD School Board Operating Procedures outline

    District Boundaries

    Image documents of Lytle District Boundaries

    Lytle ISD Board Policy

    All Lytle ISD Board Policies are hosted online on site

    Meeting Notices

    Meetings of the Lytle ISD School Board typically take place on the 3rd Monday of each month in the conference room of the Lytle ISD Central Office at 6pm. View the Lytle ISD Meeting Notices on Lytle ISD Board Book.

    Annual Announcement of Board Training Credit

    Texas Associate of School Boards - TASB

Our Stories

  • 2-5-2021 Lytle ISD Appreciates Their Board of Directors

    Thank you, to our Lytle ISD Board of Trustees! These pros work together tirelessly to guide our district's vision and success. Collectively, their years of service to our schools and community will amount to 43 years in May 2021! District staff members share their thoughts and gratitude.

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  • Lytle ISD Bond Updates - January 2020

    Once again, Lytle staff and students humbly thank our community of voters who passed the Lytle ISD 2019 Bond. Take a look at this January 2020 update presentation to see details on how how the bond projects are helping us to put needed safety and security measures into place. You'll also see timelines and plans for construction, repair, and equipment replacement projects that are in various stages of completion. Thank you for all the support you have shown our schools! Watch this video on YouTube:

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  • 9-18-2019 Lytle ISD Board of Trustee Spotlight - Anthony Reyna

    Please take a few minutes to watch this video about one of our Lytle ISD Board of Trustees, Mr. Anthony Reyna. The video was edited by Lytle students, Jason Chavira, an extremely talented video editor, and Jace Harris, who skillfully created the graphics animation and sound design. It's a great example of student skills combined with a wonderful story to tell about our Pirate culture.

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  • Thank you for your service, Maria Frie, Lytle ISD Board Trustee!

    Thank you for your service, Maria Frie, Lytle ISD Board Trustee! Ms. Frie was elected in May 2017 and has served for 1 1/2 years. Ms. Frie’s son, John, is in first grade at Lytle Primary and her daughter, Iliana, is in third grade at Lytle Elementary. Her family moved to Lytle eight years ago. According to Ms. Frie, "Lytle has been an amazing town to raise my children. Serving on the Lytle ISD School Board has given me the opportunity to give back to our community." January is School Board Recognition month. Next time you see Ms. Frie, please thank her for giving so much to our community by serving our schools.

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  • Thank you for your service, Oscar Jimenez, Lytle ISD Board Trustee!

    Thank you for your service, Oscar Jimenez, Lytle ISD Board Trustee! Mr. Jimenez was elected in May 2016 and has served for 2 1/2 years. He has 3 children who are proud graduates of Lytle ISD. Mr. Jimenez shares his thoughts, "Serving as an elected trustee I am conscientious of making well-rounded decisions as they relate to assembling, deciphering and applying policies that reflect the best interest of all students. I am also aware that decisions and policies executed today will ultimately make a difference for future generations." January is School Board Recognition month. Next time you see Mr. Jimenez, please thank him for sharing his expertise and time supporting our students, schools, and community.

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