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  • 7-8-2021 Watch the video! A closer look at Lytle's Career and Technical Education...What happens in Culinary Arts?

    While we are enjoying summer, it's important to daydream a little about the great things coming up for our new school year. Take some time to watch this video, which highlights Lytle's Culinary Arts program.

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  • 7-5-2021 Feeling patriotic? Watch the video: True Combat War Veterans Tell Their Stories of Combat at Lytle High School.

    This past Spring, English III students read Farewell to Manzanar by James D. Houston and Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston. This book details the memoir of Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, a young Japanese American in California during World War II, and the “containment” camp she and her family were forced to relocate to from their home in Long Beach.

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  • 6-24-2021 Watch the video! 2021 Graduate Visits Lytle ISD to Thank His Second Grade Teacher!

    In April 2021, Graduating Senior Jordan Walker wrote an email to Lytle Primary Principal Jammie Fewell asking permission to see his second-grade teacher again. Jordan Walker knew Mrs. Naomi Schauer from his elementary school days. This year, Jordan graduated from Samuel Clemens High School and was prepared to move on to Howard Payne University, where he would be on the dive team. But before he launched into an exciting future, he was determined to find his second-grade teacher and tell her in person that she changed his life.

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  • 6-23-2021 A closer look at Lytle's Career and Technical Education...What happens in Ag???

    In education, we all can get caught up in our own little corner of the school, busy and focused on our subjects or daily jobs. Here's a chance to venture into the world of Ag (and FFA) to see what learning looks and feels like in the shop, in the barn, and out in our back pasture. (Did you know we have a pasture and small herd of cattle?) Take some time to watch this video and learn something new and cool about our district and one of our flourishing CTE programs.

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  • 6-16- 2021 A Lytle ISD Bus Ride is a Birthday Wish Come True!

    Three-year-old Morgan and his family made a special visit to our bus barn recently to take a school bus ride with Mr. William Cross, Director of Operations. This future Pirate's bus ride adventure is an extension of Lytle ISD's strong commitment to providing enrichment and positive learning experiences for parents, families, and students in our community. Watch this wonderful story and be sure to thank our bus drivers and all who work to keep our buses running for the kids in our community. It's our youngest Pirates who are excitedly waiting for the day when they'll get to ride a bus to Lytle Primary school for the first time!

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