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  • Lytle ISD Student Handbook 2021-2022

    Education is a team effort. Students, parents, teachers, and other staff members working together will make this a successful year. The Lytle ISD Student Handbook is a general reference guide that is divided into two sections: Section One: Parental Rights describes certain parental rights as specified in state or federal law. Section Two: Other Important Information for Parents and Students is organized alphabetically by topic. Where applicable, the topics are further organized by grade level. Note: Unless otherwise noted, the term “parent” refers to the parent, legal guardian, any person granted some other type of lawful control of a student, or any other person who has agreed to assume school-related responsibility for a student. The Student Handbook is designed to align with law, board-adopted policy, and the Student Code of Conduct, a board-adopted document intended to promote school safety and an atmosphere for learning. The Student Handbook is not meant to be a complete statement of all policies, procedures, or rules in any given circumstance. In case of conflicts between board policy (including the Student Code of Conduct) and any Student Handbook provision, the district will follow board policy and the Student Code of Conduct. Therefore, parents and students should become familiar with the Lytle ISD Student Code of Conduct. To review the Code of Conduct, visit the district’s website at www.lytleisd.org. State law requires that the Code of Conduct be prominently displayed or made available for review at each campus.

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  • Lytle ISD - Student Code of Conduct 2021-2022

    The Student Code of Conduct (“Code”), as required by Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code, provides methods and options for managing student behavior, preventing and intervening in student discipline problems, and imposing discipline.

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