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  • The Lytle ISD Public Relations Department was created to encourage, develop, and maintain positive two-way communications between Lytle ISD and our employees, parents, and local community. Through website, digital, phone, social media, and area news organizations, we work to make sure our parents and community are informed of district and campus announcements and activities.

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Student Public Relations and Digital Media Opportunities

  • The Advanced Media class offered at the High School during 2nd and 3rd periods gives students experience creating multimedia products with real-world applications. Students learn from the District Public Relations team as well as professionals in the industry to be journalists, photographers, video producers, graphics designers, and social media publishers. Students will create media products that showcase Lytle ISD events and stories.

    Assignments and projects focus on increasing the communications and coverage of student, staff, academic, extracurricular, and community service activities across all Lytle campuses. Students receive elective credit for their contributions to media products and build their own digital portfolios that will open doors to future opportunities. 

    The Skull Studios Student Club is also availlable for students who are interested in building their digital and media skills. Skull Studios students are provided opportunities to meet, create, compete, and further explore careers in all media technology fields during lunch and before/after school.

    Are you interested in taking the Advanced Media Class, or want to join the Skull Studios Student Club? There's one simple online application - fill it out and let's get you started experiencing one or both great programs!


Lorrianne Migura, Director

Lorrianne Migura, Director

Dale Mather, Assistant

Dale Mather, Assistant

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  • "I was walking into Goliad's gym for lunch and Coach Hicks from George West stopped me and asked if I wrote Lessons from the Rings. He told me in his research to check on Lytle Throwers he found the articles put on the website.  He really appreciated the write ups. Thanks to the 'Knowology Department' for putting this out there. It is way above my understanding of cyberspace."

    -Hadley Foster

Our Stories

  • 12-7-2021 Watch the Video: Lytle Community Pep Rally 2021

    It's that time of the year when we reflect on our successes, challenges, and learning opportunities. Our Community Pep Rally is one of our first opportunities to give students industry standard cameras who may have never touched one previously. They are nervous, very green, and they make mistakes, but it always turns out to be great learning. This video is proof that there is value in just getting them out there to see what they can do! It's a 'throwback' from a content standpoint because it just got done a couple weeks ago. Our video editor, Sarah Ytuarte, has never edited a video before - this is her first time using Adobe Premiere Pro - but a great example of student learning in our Digital Design program. If you know the students listed in the credits, tell them you're proud of them for jumping in and trying new things!

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  • 12-1-2021 Today's good mood sponsored by: Coffee!

    To all the coffee lovers in the district - you HAVE to watch this video! For those of you who wake up human WITHOUT ground magical beans, watch the video because you'll love seeing yet ANOTHER good thing that Chef Stewart, Micah Berchelmann, Blanca Cantu, and their students have brought to Lytle High School and our district. You'll learn in the video that it's not just fancy coffee drinks -- hot teas, and hot cocoa are also served up by student baristas. Very soon, culinary pastry delights will appeal to the masses regardless of your drink preferences. Special thanks to Bri McDonald who designed the Jolly Roger Coffee Co. logo. This new business-in-a-school learning aligns with our plans to grow within the Collegiate Edu-Nation network.

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  • 11-18-2021 Watch the Video: Lytle Pirate Mini Cheer Camp is a Huge Success!

    Extracurricular isn't just extra fun. Often it means extra learning in the form of leadership skills, mentoring skills, positive culture or team building, and event organization skills. Please watch this video story created by Skull Studios students. It's a great example of powerful, widespread learning within our cheer program.

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  • 11-5-2021 Sending our Cross Country teams positive Pirate vibes!

    Our entire district family came together yesterday to send of our Girls and Boys Cross Country teams with beautiful Pirate Pride. Here's your chance to enjoy the entirety of the experience we created for our runners!

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  • 10-28-2021 Lytle Primary and Elementary Enjoy Get Active Day at Edgewood Stadium!

    This video is sure to make you smile! Thank you to our Lytle Special Education Director Robby Pierce and his entire staff for doing such a great job partnering with campuses as well as organizations and businesses in our community to create fabulous inclusive opportunities. You all ensure our students' learning experiences are also treasured, meaningful memories of their school days.

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