Public Relations

  • The Lytle ISD Public Relations Department was created to encourage, develop, and maintain positive two-way communications between Lytle ISD and our employees, parents, and local community. Through website, digital, phone, social media, and area news organizations, we work to make sure our parents and community are informed of district and campus announcements and activities.

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Student Public Relations and Digital Media Opportunities

  • The Advanced Media class offered at the High School during 2nd and 3rd periods gives students experience creating multimedia products with real-world applications. Students learn from the District Public Relations team as well as professionals in the industry to be journalists, photographers, video producers, graphics designers, and social media publishers. Students will create media products that showcase Lytle ISD events and stories.

    Assignments and projects focus on increasing the communications and coverage of student, staff, academic, extracurricular, and community service activities across all Lytle campuses. Students receive elective credit for their contributions to media products and build their own digital portfolios that will open doors to future opportunities. 

    The Skull Studios Student Club is also availlable for students who are interested in building their digital and media skills. Skull Studios students are provided opportunities to meet, create, compete, and further explore careers in all media technology fields during lunch and before/after school.

    Are you interested in taking the Advanced Media Class, or want to join the Skull Studios Student Club? There's one simple online application - fill it out and let's get you started experiencing one or both great programs!


Lorrianne Migura, Director

Lorrianne Migura, Director

Dale Mather, Assistant

Dale Mather, Assistant

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  • "I was walking into Goliad's gym for lunch and Coach Hicks from George West stopped me and asked if I wrote Lessons from the Rings. He told me in his research to check on Lytle Throwers he found the articles put on the website.  He really appreciated the write ups. Thanks to the 'Knowology Department' for putting this out there. It is way above my understanding of cyberspace."

    -Hadley Foster

Our Stories

  • 12/12/2019 Elementary Christmas Program

    Yesterday, December 11th, the Elementary had its Christmas program. What an amazing feat! Unlike our voluntary Veterans Day program, our entire student body participates in the Christmas show. With only 3 weeks of rehearsals since our last program, our students did a fantastic job of memorizing lyrics, melodies and character parts! These kids never cease to amaze me with what they are able to accomplish!

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  • 10-28-2019 October is Principal Appreciation Month!

    Jose Garza is our Lytle High School Principal. His career in education spans 24 years, 6 of those years as an administrator, and THIS school year he came to Lytle to serve as principal of our high school. Mr. Garza enjoys seeing our young adults realize their dreams and become career, college, and military ready. Since October is Principal Appreciation Month, please take a moment to welcome Mr. Garza and tell him why you appreciate his leadership. If you have words of encouragement or a story to share, share with us all!

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  • 10-21-2019 October is Principal Appreciation Month!

    Wendy Carroll Conover is our principal at Lytle Elementary School. She has joyfully educated Lytle ISD students for 28 years, and in the last 4 years, she has served as a principal. Ms. Conover says she has the best job ever. Since October is Principal Appreciation Month, here's your chance to tell Ms. Conover thank you for her leadership at that campus and for serving our students so well. If you have a positive story or words of encouragement, please share with us all!

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  • 10-18-2019 Student Podcast Pirates are back in the Crow's Nest!

    Thanks to the football know-how, voice talent, and expert guidance from Mr. Jonathan Macat, tonight we once again will have a group of aspiring student podcasters providing live commentary of the PINK OUT game against Cole. So whether you're at the game, or stuck at home...tune in! Tonight's Pirate Podcast includes an interesting and fun cast of Lytle ISD staff and community guests. Hear from Coach Ruiz on Cross Country's successful district races, Mr. Fender shares details on the huge success High School Marching Band enjoyed at the UIL Region XI Marching Contest in Hondo, and Nan Boyd and Annie Villareal will give us a sneak peek at all the wonderful plans and events for Homecoming! There are many more surprises and guests, so listen in starting at 7:30 tonight. You can count on the Podcast Pirates for LIVE commentary of the football game, plus we'll do our part to PINK OUT and raise awareness about breast cancer.

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  • 10-4-2019 Watch the Fun: New Employee Orientation for Lytle ISD Employees

    Two months ago, on August 5th, our new employees reported for their first official day of work as Lytle Pirates. They were able to learn about Lytle's amazing and supportive community as well as the great culture we enjoy in this district. If you see any of these new employees, tell them how glad we are that they are here and thank you. We are family.

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