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Welcome to Lytle Elementary. We empower our students to reach their greatest potential.

  • Class begins at 7:15am and releases at 3pm | Early release is 12pm
    Breakfast begins at 7:15am
    Phone: 830-709-5130 | Address: 11550 Laredo St, Lytle, TX 78052

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  • 11-06-2023 FY23 COPS School Violence Prevention Program Announcement

    Special thanks to Juliana Lingo for securing this grant for Lytle ISD. Read this letter received from the US Department of Justice regarding precautions taken to secure the campuses. 

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  • 10-27-2023 Feel Good Friday: Lytle Volleyball Seniors, Amelia, Lola, Mya and Calyssa Give Jerseys to Teachers

    Three Lytle High School Senior Volleyball players and their team's Athletic Trainer rallied to organize a tribute to Lytle ISD teachers who made a difference in their lives. Watch the video to follow these students as they surprise their teachers with an honorary jersey, Amelia Martinez and Mrs. Ann Littleton at the Elementary, and at Lytle High School, Lola Patino and Mrs. Melissa Gomez , Mya Villarreal and Coach Jonathan Jones, Calyssa Sevier and Mr. Randy Beard. There are so many "feel good Friday" moments, and it's a powerful example of our well-rounded, engaged students, and quality staff. Pirate Pride!

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  • 8-10-2023 2023 Back-To-School Convocation Celebration!

    Our Lytle Pirate Convocation always feels like a family reunion. Returning Pirate Staff and newly hired Pirates come together to share hopes, dreams and goals for the new school year. Kicking off with performances from our talented band students, dancers and cheerleaders set the tone for LeeAnna Mask, President of our Lytle ISD Board of Trustees, to welcome everyone with encouraging words, "All our school programs had history-making success last year, and I'm certain we'll continue to build on that success this school year." 

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  • 8-1-2023 Thank you to Lytle Methodist Church for a wonderful New Pirate Staff Luncheon!

    What a treat! The Lytle Methodist Church hosted our New Employees and Leadership teams for a Build-Your-Own Chalupa/Nacho plate with all the trimmings. With some help from their church youth (our own Lytle Pirate students) everyone was blessed by a warm welcome, a delicious meal and sweets to top it all off. They also had some fabulous door prize drawings that included creative baskets filled with all of our educator favorite things. Special thanks to Juliana Lingo, who makes sure we have strong church/school partnerships with all of our local churches. Also tons of gratitude, hugs and love go out to all the church members, including Susie Sollock and Garnett Wagner who are former full time Lytle educators who continue to support our district in so many valuable ways. These two ladies answer our calls with servant hearts!

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  • 8-1-2023 A Great Day to Welcome New Pirates!

    This morning, our Lytle Leadership team had the great pleasure of welcoming our new Lytle employees to our Pirate Staff Family. We already feel so blessed to have these wonderful and talented folks join us in our Vision (A place where students maximize their potential as active agents of their learning.) And, in fulfilling our Mission (Lytle ISD exists to design learning experiences to empower students.) When you see them in the next few days and weeks, please extend a warm Pirate welcome and let them know we are all here to help them 💛LOVE Lytle💛 as much as we do! Great job to Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Center and Dr. Breithaupt for making the morning meet-and-greet session so informative and so much fun! 

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  • 7-18-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

    Lily-Ann H. and Jordan M. really know what it takes to be a good teacher! Being Elementary students at Lytle surely helped them to experience these teacher traits, "A good teacher is smart, kind and knowledgeable, who will help any student succeed in life." These students had a great Smart Lab teacher, Mr. Rodriguez and they also had a wonderful student teacher/high school mentor, Stefan Grigsby - both hired to guide them in their learning at the Summer Animation Camp in June!

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  • 7-13-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

    It's no wonder our Primary and Elementary have been named Capturing Kids Hearts Showcase Schools for SIX YEARS IN A ROW! The ideas expressed in today's feature animation are a testimony to the values and respectful behaviors that are practiced all day, every day by staff and students. The Only Respect You'll Ever Need! was created by Lytle Elementary Students, Hemi V. and Juan E., with the help of High School Skull Studios Mentor, Clarissa Hernandez. Hemi V. took on the roles of writer, animation puppeteer and voice actor, and he shares, "I learned making videos is a lot of work. I also learned that I can't be afraid of starting over." These are valuable and mature lessons to learn so young!

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  • 7-12-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

    Tyler V., Joseph D. and Bryson D. make some great points in this Public Service Announcement, Go Climb a Tree and Skin a Knee! With the help of their Skull Studios High School Mentors, Stefan Grigsby and Jose "Joe" Gomez, this elementary production team did thorough research to provide activity suggestions and they also cite the proven benefits of exercise, movement, sunshine and recreation. While we don't want anyone hurt as they enjoy the great outdoors, the fun, poetic title shows there's lots of planning, thinking, writing and creative teamwork going into these productions. Enjoy!

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  • 7-12-2023 Lytle Has a Custodial Crew Worth Bragging About

    We have some of the kindest, most beautiful people working to keep our building interiors gorgeous. Today as I was walking through the high school, I was stopped in my tracks by the shine coming off our newly cleaned and polished academic hallway floors. Lucky for me, the crew had just finished and agreed to let me get their photo in front of the sparkling results of their hard work. They made sure I knew that one of their crew, Eric Garcia, was missing from the photo.

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  • 7-11-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

    There is so much science around literacy. At a high level, literacy skills include listening, speaking, writing and READING. So that makes today's animation feature, Don't Just Sit There; Read More! so cool to watch. When our students care enough to encourage others to read, we are on the right track! Since the heart of our Summer Animation Camp is improving literacy, today's feature is evidence we are attacking this issue from many fronts.

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  • 7-9-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

    It's been a long time since many of us learned to tie our shoes, but this PSA (Public Service Announcement) produced by Lytle Elementary students Scarlett E. and Isaiah L. is a "trip" down memory lane! Also, a good reminder of the best learning starts with what's important, relative, and exciting to our students. These two worked with their High School Skull Studios mentor, Jose "Joe" Gomez to write, voice, and animate this wonderful PSA that will bring a smile to your face.

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  • 7-8-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

    Watch today’s featured animation short inspired by…ice cream! Writer, Tadeo and Voice Actor/Puppeteer, Joseph are Elementary Summer Animation Camp students who were inspired by the Lytle Lunch Ladies who gave them free ice cream in the cafeteria! Sweet! This delicious and persuasive writing project is the very COOL end result! Thanks to Stefan Grigsby and Joe Gomez, high school Skull Studios students for guiding their learning.

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  • 7-7-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

    Today’s featured animation was created by Lytle Elementary student Brooke J., with guidance from high school Skull Studios student, Samuel Muraira. Brooke's key message, "Stay calm and don't be afraid." That's a message embraced by our Superintendent Michelle Carroll Smith and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Dustin Breithaupt. These two leaders of our schools had a vision for this unique writing/animation program and worked to make sure the right people and support was in place to make it happen for our students. No fear! 

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  • 7-6-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

    Lytle ISD is always looking for ways to motivate our students to practice writing and to learn technological skills for their future. In July, we piloted a program that helps elementary students to learn animation skills to bring their writing to life. The program involved students who volunteered to participate in Animation Summer Camp, as well as our students who were invited to the Jolly Roger Summer Academy.

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  • 6-30-2023 The Jolly Roger Summer Academy

    Today we wrapped up our Jolly Roger Summer Academy at the Elementary Campus with a Showcase! We had a wonderful turn out of our parents and community members (over 150 guests) to see all of the amazing work that was completed by the students throughout the summer. We also had 35 students earn perfect attendance for the ENTIRE month of June!

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  • 6-29-2023 Lytle Pirate Football Camp

    I'd like to promote our 2023 Lytle Football Camp that will be held on Wednesday, July 26th and Thursday, July 27th at the Lytle Practice Fields from 8:30am - 11:00am. This camp is free of charge for all incoming 3rd - 9th graders. Attached to this email will be the camp flyer with a QR Code for registration that will also be promoted on all social media platforms to reach the rest of our community. 

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