A Message From Our Superintendent

  • As superintendent of Lytle ISD, I have been blessed to serve in the district in which I grew up, my grandmother, dad, son and daughter all graduated from Lytle ISD. While my family was focused on agriculture, education was important, too. My grandfather served on the Lytle ISD school board for 22 years despite having only a seventh-grade education. My dad also served on the board for nine years.  

    The traditional school model worked well for me as I made good grades and participated in many UIL events and sports, I left Lytle in 1981 to attend the University of Texas in Austin. However, I know some who didn’t have the same experience in school. The truth is many students have troubling difficulty with subjects like math and reading or subjects that require rote memorization. Unfortunately, school systems too often provide a one-size-fits-all model with few interventions for struggling students. Traditional schooling gave students traditional grades which often meant failing grades, and worse, a sense of failure in students who didn’t fit the traditional, academically inclined picture of a successful student.  

    I got into public education to ensure no other child was to experience a school system that fails them in this way. I believe the system needs to be transformed and our work with the Collegiate Edu-Nation Network (CEN) and the P-20 model will further that goal. All students need to be successful, and Lytle’s system must be designed around their needs – not the other way around. 

    Ironically, a flawed grading system based on student results on standardized tests saddles many schools with A-F ratings. This is essentially true in rural schools. The state’s accountability system does not tell the full story of growth and success.  

    That’s why Lytle ISD began our pursuit of a Community-Based Accountability System (C-BAS) nearly a decade ago. We knew we needed to establish and maintain a meaningful social contract between our community and schools. We believe our community is in the best position to share their hopes and dreams for their children and their expectations of schools supporting their vision. Lytle ISD staff and leadership represent the necessary expertise to carry that vision forward. Our district is committed to the vision of education that prepares our children for the jobs of their future. We encourage our students, staff, parents, and the community to partner with us as we work to prepare our learners for a successful life after graduation. 

    I hope you’ll find this report helpful and informative as it represents progress on a transformational course we set forth years ago with our Vision, Mission, Goals, Beliefs, and Learner Profile as our foundation. Mostly, I hope you’ll see your own desires for our students’ success reflected in this presentation of our C-BAS work.  

    Michelle Carroll Smith

    Lytle ISD Superintendent of Schools

Michelle Carrol Smith

Image of Michell Carroll Smith