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  • 1-30-2023 RobotPirates Moves on to Semi-Regionals

    Our team arrived on campus at 6:30 am Saturday morning, January 28, 2023, ready for a long day of robotics competition. We arrived at the School of Science and Technology in San Antonio at 7:30 and began to set up our work area.

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  • 11-15-2022 Robo Pirates First Meet of the Year

    The week leading up to our first competition, the Robo Pirates worked tirelessly, putting in late hours getting our robot ready for the competition. On Saturday, November 12, 2022, Benjamin Davila, Antonio Jimenez and Koby Lara showed up early to get our robot ready for a day of competition.

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  • 11-14-2022 Junior High Robotics Team Competes at Brandeis High School

    The Lytle Junior High Robotics Team clawed their way up from the basement during their first season Meet to battle their way to a mid-level slot in the Brandeis High School League robotics competition on Saturday, November 12, 2022.  

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  • 11-14-2021 Lytle Techno Pirates Return to Competition

    The Lytle Techno Pirates battled programming bugs and mechanical glitches Saturday, November 13, 2021, to come away with two wins and three losses in their first meet of the robotics season.

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  • Isabella Lopez, Anthony Jimenez and Alex Medina.

    5-3-2021 Robo Pirates Wrap up the Season

    This past Saturday, May 1st, the Lytle High Schook Robo Pirates traveled to Lutheran High School in San Antonio to compete in the only in-person event of league play this year. The team had previously completed judging interviews online and there was nothing remaining except to get on the competition field playing a game that involved shooting rings into a tower of soccer-style goals. Our team was represented by Junior Isabella Lopez and Sophomores Anthony Jimenez and Alex Medina. Isabella, having no prior programming experience, went out of her comfort zone and took up the challenge of writing the code to control this year’s robot. Anthony and Alex were returning as builders but had to step into the role of heads of that department for the first time and utilized a new drivetrain style that allowed for movement in any direction without having to turn the robot. The design was streamlined and elegant, given a normal build season the robot would have proven a formidable competitor at any level of competition. The highlight of the day took place in the 3rd match that resulted in a win thanks to an autonomous program that Isabella wrote during the lunch break and a buzzer beater shot by Anthony to score the decisive points. The trio went 3-2 on the afternoon and should be proud of the effort put in.

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  •  Robo Pirates Team

    2-25-2020 Robo Pirates Advance to State

    This past weekend, February 22nd, the Lytle High School Robo Pirates competed in the Central Texas Regional Championship tournament in New Braunfels against 52 teams from all across the region. The team competed hard and got off to a hot start winning 3 of our first 4 matches but ended up 3-3 for a final rank of 16th place in our division which consists mainly of teams from all sizes of public and private schools. Compared to similar size public school teams, the Robo Pirates were one of the top 4 teams in our Region and now have the honor of competing for the Texas 1A-4A Robotics State Championship next month in Dallas!

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  • 1-21-2020 Robo Pirates Advance to Regionals

    What has been a quick competition season for the LHS Robo Pirates will extend for at least another month! We got off to a slow start with a poor-performing robot mechanically speaking which struggled to score points in our first two meets. The initial idea was unique but just did not work very well. The team was able to use what they learned to redesign key parts of the scoring mechanism for the league championship this past Saturday with much better results. We won 6 out of 10 matches on the day to boost us to 16th place in the tournament. The judges were impressed with our team and design concept which resulted in us winning the Collins Aerospace Innovate award. More importantly, we were runner-up for the Inspire Award (given to the top all-around team) which, based on ranking criteria, qualifies the team for Regionals as the #3 team from our league!! We now have four weeks to prepare for Regionals which will be held in New Braunfels.

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  •  Marauders Team at State Robotics Championship

    4-8-2019 Robo Pirates Place in Top 12 at State Robotics Championship

    This past Friday, the Lytle High School Robo Pirates - Marauders team competed in the State Robotics Championship in Austin. The team split their first two matches of the day losing the first match by 3 points but bouncing back and winning match 2 by 84 points. After coming up short in matches 3 and 4 the Robo Pirates pulled off a nailbiter by winning their final match by 1 point! The team advanced into the elimination rounds where their alliance was ultimately defeated in the semifinals to the eventual state champs.

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  •  Lytle High School Robo Pirates Marauders Team

    3-6-2019 High School Robotics Results from Regionals

    This past weekend, the Robo Pirates Marauders team competed in the Alamo Region Championship held at Canyon HS in New Braunfels. Sixty-five teams from across the region were divided into two divisions where we went 4-2 in our six matches and ranked 7th in match play. Our first match of the weekend was a heartbreaking loss by only a few points, and we suffered damage to our robot. After some quick repairs by Emmanuel Tapia we won our next three matches thanks also to amazing programming by Nicolas Guillen. We lost the 5th match due to our intake arm not working properly but repairs were made overnight and we finished match play with a win Sunday morning. The top 4 teams then picked teams to join them for the tournament championship bracket to determine the overall winner. We were grateful to be selected to the #3 seed alliance however we lost to the #2 seed in the semifinals.

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  •  Robo Pirates Mutiny team.

    2-19-2019 Robo Pirates - Mutiny Season Concludes

    After our league wrapped up two weeks ago, Robo Pirates - Mutiny was on the bubble of advancing to Regionals and was invited to compete in the last chance qualifier at Brandeis High School this past Saturday. The team struggled a bit to get their vertical scoring mechanism to function smoothly but persevered and won two out of the first three matches.

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  •  Robo Pirates robotics team after FIRST Tech Championship

    1-22-2018 Robo Pirates Advance to Next Level

    On Monday, January 21, the Lytle High School Robo Pirates robotics teams competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge League Championship of the South San Antonio Metro League. At the end of match play, team Marauders ranked 3rd and team Mutiny ranked 7th out of 27 teams. As a top 4 team, Marauders had the privilege to be the Captain of one of the alliances to compete in a best 2 out of 3 tournaments to decide the champion. Team Mutiny was chosen by the Techno Pirates of Lytle Junior High to join their alliance.

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  •  High School Robotics Team

    12-17-2018 Robotics Meet #2

    This past Saturday, the Robo Pirates competed in the 2nd meet of the robotics season. It was Team Mutiny’s turn to get a taste of victory as they made great mechanical improvements to their robot and won 4 of 5 matches to pace the field and rank 1st for the day! Team Marauders also did well, winning 3 and tying 1 match to rank 5th. Both teams showcased improved autonomous programs and this week we want to recognize our lead programmers, Nicolas Guillen, and Gage Eichman, for all of the time they put into creating the programs that make our robots function. (Drive Teams pictured left to right: Team Mutiny – John Flores, Jennifer Noel, Johnny Paredes; Team Marauders – Emmanuel Tapia, Wyatt Conover, Isabella Lopez)

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  • 12-3-2018 Robo Pirates Meet 1 Results

    This past Saturday, the LHS Robo Pirates competed in their first meet of the season at McCollum High School. There are around 30 teams in our league this year from San Antonio and areas south of here. We were short-handed but Team MARAUDERS won all but 1 of their matches and finished the day leading their pool! Team MUTINY struggled a bit but made changes on the fly and did win 2 out of 5 matches. They now know what they need to do to be more competitive next time.

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  • Wyatt Conover at robotics meet

    5-21-2018 Robo Pirates Earn Team Spirit Award at State

    I am happy to announce that the Lytle HS Robo Pirates brought home the Team Spirit award at the Texas UIL FIRST Robotics State Championship! While our robot did not perform as planned on the field, the Robo Pirates never quit and were gracious competitors. One of only three awards given out, the Team Spirit award goes to the team that demonstrates the most team identity, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship. These students have truly embraced what it means to be Lytle Pirates!

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  • 4-28-2018 TechnoPirates and RoboPirates Visit San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology

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  •  LHS Robo Pirates Going to State!

    4-11-2018 LHS Robo Pirates Going to State!

    The Lytle High School Robo Pirates are headed to the State UIL Robotics Tournament on May 19 in Austin!! That means we ended our FTC season as one of the top teams in the Class 1A-4A division in the state.

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