Leiah Ieremia

Conference Times

  • 9:35 - 10:15

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About Me

  • ELAR Teacher

    My hometown is El Paso, TX. I graduated with my Bachelors and Masters degree from Our Lady of the Lake University. I have been teaching in Lytle for 8 years. I love to travel.

Important Document

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How Grading Works in this Class

  • *Daily Grade - 60%

    *Test/Quizzes/Projects - 30%

    *Nine Weeks Test - 10% 

    • Grades are posted in Ascender each week.
    • Grades will be posted in Ascender no later than five instructional days from the due date with exceptions given for projects.
    • Grades recorded will be TEKS-based. A student's average will not be affected by non-academic behaviors or procedural requirements.
    • Grades are submitted every nine weeks and progress reports will be submitted halfway through each cycle.

    Please check Ascender for the progress report and report card.

    Correcting Failing Grades

    Students will be given the opportunity to redo any assignment or retake any test for which the student received a failing grade and has not shown mastery of the standard. The student has up to 5 instructional days to redo the assignment after the grade is posted in the grade book.

    Missing Assignments

    Failing grades assigned for work not completed (other than those due to absence) may be changed upon the submission of such assignments by the student. The student has up to 5 instructional days to submit missing assignments. Students with failing grades for missing work may be assigned mandatory tutorial session(s) until the assignments are completed.

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