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    Lytle ISD Selected to be Part of Learning 2025 Initiative: A National Push to Transform America’s Education System

    Lytle, Texas – 1/4/2022 – In a bold effort toward a holistic redesign of our nation’s schools, Lytle ISD has joined the Learning 2025 network of demonstration systems, a collaborative network of districts to help advance student-centered, equity-focused, future-driven education, administered by AASA, The School Superintendents Association.
    The more than 110 “demonstration systems” represent a collection of forward-leaning urban, suburban and rural districts serving as national models to help guide and reposition partner districts efficiently by sharing successful
    practices and successes, as well as challenges.
    “Serving as a demonstration site by participating in this initiative is an honor for Lytle ISD that is made possible through our Collegiate Edu-Nation (CEN) network,” said Superintendent of Schools, Michelle Carroll Smith. “We look forward to working with other school districts from across the country to learn more about their strategic improvement efforts. In addition, our staff will be able to network with peers nationwide, and share strategic ideas and winning solutions in our collective effort to strengthen our communities and raise student outcomes.”

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Our Stories

  • 8-10-2023 2023 Back-To-School Convocation Celebration!

    Our Lytle Pirate Convocation always feels like a family reunion. Returning Pirate Staff and newly hired Pirates come together to share hopes, dreams and goals for the new school year. Kicking off with performances from our talented band students, dancers and cheerleaders set the tone for LeeAnna Mask, President of our Lytle ISD Board of Trustees, to welcome everyone with encouraging words, "All our school programs had history-making success last year, and I'm certain we'll continue to build on that success this school year." 

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  • 12-20-2022 2022 High School College and Career Fair is a Huge Success!

    ust before Thanksgiving break, our High School Admin team of Mrs. Libby Stewart, Mrs. Rebecca Glover, Mr. Reynaldo Sanchez, Jennifer Criswell and Marivel Quionez organized a College and Career Fair for all of our High School students to attend.

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  • 10-18-2022 Plumbing Students Exceptional Moments

    The plumbing classes have a theme: "There are NO ordinary moments."

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  • 3-11-2022 CTE Fair is a Great Success!

    Wednesday's CTE - Career and Technical Education Day was not only FUN, but it was also a great reminder of the incredible career-focused education opportunities offered at Lytle ISD. First, a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Jennifer Criswell, Lytle ISD CTE Director, who rallied our diverse department instructors

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  • 12-1-2021 Today's good mood sponsored by: Coffee!

    To all the coffee lovers in the district - you HAVE to watch this video! For those of you who wake up human WITHOUT ground magical beans, watch the video because you'll love seeing yet ANOTHER good thing that Chef Stewart, Micah Berchelmann, Blanca Cantu, and their students have brought to Lytle High School and our district.

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  • 11-14-2021 Lytle Techno Pirates Return to Competition

    The Lytle Techno Pirates battled programming bugs and mechanical glitches Saturday, November 13, 2021, to come away with two wins and three losses in their first meet of the robotics season.

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  • 7-8-2021 Watch the video! A closer look at Lytle's Career and Technical Education...What happens in Culinary Arts?

    While we are enjoying summer, it's important to daydream a little about the great things coming up for our new school year. Take some time to watch this video, which highlights Lytle's Culinary Arts program.

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  • 6-23-2021 A closer look at Lytle's Career and Technical Education...What happens in Ag???

    In education, we all can get caught up in our own little corner of the school, busy and focused on our subjects or daily jobs. Here's a chance to venture into the world of Ag (and FFA) to see what learning looks and feels like in the shop, in the barn, and out in our back pasture. (Did you know we have a pasture and small herd of cattle?) Take some time to watch this video and learn something new and cool about our district and one of our flourishing CTE programs.

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  • 6-22-2021 Health Informatics CTE Program of Study

    The high school students and teacher featured in this video are sharing their experiences in the Health Informatics program of study offered at Lytle ISD.

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  • 6-22-2021 Arts and Audio Video Technology Communications (AAVTC) Courses Help Students Build an Impressive Digital Portfolio

    This course is a level one course for the Design and Multimedia Arts, as well as the Digital Communications programs of study. Lytle ISD has a unique program that includes courses in which students' projects are aligned with - and generated by - the Public Relations needs of the district. The students and teacher in this video are sharing their experience in the level one course, Arts and Audio Video Technology Communications (AAVTTC) which can help students decide between two programs of study offered by Lytle ISD.

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  • 6-22-2021 Plumbing and Pipefitting CTE Program is Prosperous for Pirates at Lytle High School

    The high school students and teacher featured in this video are sharing their experiences in the Plumbing and Pipefitting program of study offered at Lytle ISD.

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  • Isabella Lopez, Anthony Jimenez and Alex Medina.

    5-3-2021 Robo Pirates Wrap up the Season

    This past Saturday, May 1st, the Lytle High Schook Robo Pirates traveled to Lutheran High School in San Antonio to compete in the only in-person event of league play this year. The team had previously completed judging interviews online and there was nothing remaining except to get on the competition field playing a game that involved shooting rings into a tower of soccer-style goals. Our team was represented by Junior Isabella Lopez and Sophomores Anthony Jimenez and Alex Medina. Isabella, having no prior programming experience, went out of her comfort zone and took up the challenge of writing the code to control this year’s robot. Anthony and Alex were returning as builders but had to step into the role of heads of that department for the first time and utilized a new drivetrain style that allowed for movement in any direction without having to turn the robot. The design was streamlined and elegant, given a normal build season the robot would have proven a formidable competitor at any level of competition. The highlight of the day took place in the 3rd match that resulted in a win thanks to an autonomous program that Isabella wrote during the lunch break and a buzzer beater shot by Anthony to score the decisive points. The trio went 3-2 on the afternoon and should be proud of the effort put in.

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  •  2021 UIL Young Filmmakers Contest Entry Believe It Foundation

    4-16-2021 What the judges had to say: STATE Results for 2021 UIL Young Filmmakers Contest

    As I mentioned to you back in March, TWO of our documentary films made it to the TOP SIX in the state of Texas UIL Young Filmmakers Contest. While neither film placed in the top three, I am so proud that Lytle High School has made 5 returns to the State TOP SIX competition in the 8 years the contest has existed. I want to thank Mr. Robert Mumme for his insight and planning that got a large group of video students out to Fort Clark Springs Days in the week before the pandemic hit. Also, thanks to Mr. Andrew Oser who stepped in as UIL Coach/Advisor to make sure both of our film teams got the job done as he provided guidance, encouragement, and insight along the way.

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  • 1-29-2021 Soup Weather! Soup Week! Soup-er Culinary Arts Students!

    Remember that week when the days were gray, cold, and drizzly? Well, at the high school and junior high, there were deliciously aromatic rays of warmth emitting from the culinary arts kitchen under the direction of Chef Stewart.

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  •  Lytle Young Filmmakers Team

    3-2-2020 Lytle Students Win Runner Up Social Impact Award at Texas' UIL Young Filmmakers Showcase.

    On February 25, a group of 11 Lytle student filmmakers traveled to Austin to see our Camp CAMP documentary on the big screen at the historic Paramount Theatre. Out of 743 films submitted to UIL this year, only 92 are chosen to show on the big screen and considered for the top two places in the state. We are proud that Lytle High School has been to the STATE level 4 times in the past 7 years of the contest. The only school that beats us in appearances at state is Argyle High School. There are hundreds of schools that have never had a chance to walk the red carpet in Austin and our kids have bragging rights when it comes to this incredible honor - 4 returns!

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  •  Commercials to Promote Advanced Media Class and Skull Studios Student Club.

    2-26-2020 Commercials to Promote Advanced Media Class and Skull Studios Student Club.

    Hello High School and Junior High friends and counselors at all levels, This year was a low enrollment year for my Advanced Media classes, and so I enlisted the help of a few of my students to create some promotional/informational videos to hopefully generate interest for next year. (I've linked the videos of my students talking about their experiences and career-focused learning.) At the secondary levels, if you could help by sharing one or more of these videos with students in your classes, or PRIDE/FOCUS time, or during planned parent meetings, that would be great. At the primary, elementary, and junior high levels, please take a look at these videos with the idea in mind that I can send these students (Lexi, Jace, and Louis) to your campuses to talk about their projects, career choices and skills that they've honed while in Skull Studios and Advanced Media classes. I can even arrange to have them bring our S.T.E.A.M.y drone for a demonstration. These videos are also available on, on the Public Relations page.

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