President, Lytle ISD Board of Trustees

LeeAnna Gainer Mask

  • Trustee LeeAnna Gainer Mask was elected in May 2014 and serves SMD 4.

    Education and Work History 

    • Texas Tech University (B.A. 1993, J.D. 1996) 
    • Insurance defense attorney for 26+ years 
    • Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Workers’ Compensation Law 
    • Partner at Burns Anderson Jury and Brenner, LLP. 

    Family Connections

    Mrs. Mask has two children - Kylie is a class of 2022 Lytle Graduate and her son Hudson is a Lytle High School Senior. Mrs. Mask’s father-in-law, and his siblings, as well as her husband and his siblings, all graduated from Lytle ISD. Her mother-in-law is currently a Junior High math teacher who has spent all of her 40+ year teaching career with Lytle ISD. Says Mrs. Mask, "This district is - and continues to be - an integral part of my family’s history, which is why I’m fully invested in making sure it is the best it can be."

    Working on the Lytle ISD Board of Trustees

    “I thoroughly enjoy our monthly meetings. They are engaging and productive. Additionally, I am proud of the work the board and district administration has put into revamping our website and our community-based accountability dashboard.”

    Key Message for our Lytle Community

    “It really does take a village to raise a child! I encourage all of our community members to ask questions, attend new events and get involved with the District with an open heart and mind. There is so much “behind-the scenes” work that goes beyond what most people see. Getting involved, learning about, or assisting with these school activities is a win-win: you will gain perspective while helping make the district the best it can be!”