• Alternative Graduation Requirements

    LYTLE ISD school board members have approved alternative graduation requirements for students who entered high school before the 2011-2012 school year but did not graduate because they did not pass all parts of the TAAS or TAKS standardized test.

    The board of trustees approved a resolution that establishes a local graduation committee to consider each student’s situation and approve those who meet the requirements to graduate. It is up to the individual students, though, to contact the district about graduating under the new provisions that will only be in place until fall 2023.

    Students are eligible to graduate under the alternative requirements if they meet all other graduation requirements except for the state standardized test component. They must have taken the TAAS or TAKS -- any variation of the state's pre-STAAR standardized tests -- at least three times and meet at least one of the alternative requirements, which allow the student to demonstrate proficiency in the test's subject area.

    Students can demonstrate proficiency for the committee through one or more of the following:

    1. The grade in each course in the subject areas applicable to the assessments on which the individual has not performed satisfactorily.

    2. The score on each assessment instrument on which the individual has failed to perform satisfactorily.

    3. Performance on any projects or work samples in the subject areas applicable to the assessments on which the individual has not performed satisfactorily (including any projects or work samples identified and assigned by the local graduation committee to be completed by the individual).

    4. Participation in offered remediation.

    5. Transcript of course work.

    6. Completion of career and technical education program courses.

    7. Any other academic, work, or life experience determined to be relevant by the local graduation committee.

    Application is available at the link on this page. For more information or to pick up an application for graduation, call or come by the Lytle ISD Administration Office at 830-709-5100.

Graduation Application

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