School Board Meeting Notices

  • Meetings of the Lytle ISD School Board typically take place on the 3rd Monday of each month in the conference room of the Lytle ISD Central Office at 6pm. 

    View the Lytle ISD Meeting Notices on Lytle ISD Board Book.

    OPEN FORUM GUIDELINES:  The Board of Trustees, as a representative body of the district, welcomes all citizens to express interest in and concerns for the schools. Time is set aside at each regular meeting to give citizens an opportunity to be heard. The School Board agenda reflects the official business of the school district; time constraints and procedures are in place to assure an orderly process for each meeting.

    Individuals or groups who wish to speak to the Board must sign in prior to the meeting and will be recognized during the Open Forum segment of the agenda. These guidelines govern citizen presentations:

    Speakers are expected to communicate appropriately.  Speakers must identify themselves and the topic on which they will be speaking.  In the event that a large number of people wish to address the Board on the same topic, the Board may request that spokespersons be appointed to speak on behalf of a group. The following items are inappropriate for the Open Forum and will not be allowed:      

    1. Complaints against individual Board members
    2. Complaints against individual employees of the District
    3. Private data related to a student.

    The presiding Board officer has the prerogative to determine whether or not a speaker is acting within these guidelines. The presiding Board officer may terminate the remarks of any speaker who does not follow these guidelines. If a speaker persists after being asked to stop, that person’s privilege to address the School Board will be terminated.  The School Board will listen and possibly ask clarifying questions, but will not try to resolve the issue at the meeting with action.

    The School Board reserves the right to limit or restrict presentations as necessary in order to provide an orderly, efficient and fair opportunity for those present to be heard as well as to observe the propriety of staff and students.