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  • 4-7-2021 Boys' State Powerlifting

    We had one of our own compete in the Boys State Power Lifting Championships. Rylan Wagner earned the opportunity to compete against the top 20 best lifters in the State of Texas during the 2021 Power Lifting Championship in Abilene, TX. Rylan managed to post a better overall total; however, he did not reach his intended goals. Rylan did manage to squat 500 pounds, bench 365 pounds, and deadlift 525 pounds. These numbers were enough for a top ten finish. When you see him in passing, please congratulate him on the accomplishment of being top 10 in the State of Texas!

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  • 4-1-2021 Girls State Power Lifting

    Female Pirate Power Lifter and Senior Emili Oliver, earned the right to compete against the best in the State of Texas in the 2021 Power Lifting Championship held in Corpus Christi, Texas; and compete she did! With three successful lifts in the Squat, Emili came out of the first event in 2nd Place with her best lift of 425 pounds. The second event of the day, the Bench Press, was tough: she showed us how tough she was with a long-struggling fight to get the weight to full extension, on a personal best of 225 pounds, only to experience a bit of tough luck losing credit for the lift on a technicality. With a 35-pound set-back, she grinned and said, I've got this, and moved on to the final event of the day: Deadlift! She successfully accomplished her season-best, 320 pounds, with her second attempt. Emili then endeavored to make up for lost pounds from the Bench by undertaking 350 pounds on her third attempt. As the universe would have it, she came up a bit short, none-the-less, the Lytle Pirate Power Lifter earned bragging rights to being one of the top 12 lifters in the State of Texas in 2021! If you would, when next you see her, please feel free to CONGRATULATE this awesome young lifter on her Power Lifting accomplishment this year.

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  • 2-3-2021 Boys Powerlifting at Texas Strength Systems

    Last night, February 3, the Pirate Boys Team competed, and we saw some really special efforts across the Team. Two lifters reached personal best in all three lifts, overcoming an injury in the first lift to go on to win the weight-class. I'd like you to understand the effort these student-athletes put into the sport never ceases to amaze! If not for the Covid world we currently live in, I would invite you all out to watch. Sadly, however, most of their competitions are limited, & no observer events.

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  • 1-25-2021 Power Lifting Results at Texas Strength Systems

    Well, it was a bit of a busy week. The Pirate Power Lifters had two meets this past week: Boys on Wed, January 20, Girls on Thursday, January 21.

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  • 1-14-2021 Pirate Powerlifting Results

    We have a good mix of new and experienced lifters this year and I'm interested to see just how much metal they can put up this year! See Results here.

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