District Nursing Staff

  • Bobbie Cashion, RN, Head District Nurse

    Sara Ramirez, RN, High School / Junior High Nurse

    Gloria Cisneros, Medical Assistant, High School / Junior High

    Brenda Dudley, Elementary Nurse Aide

    Maribel Ramos, Primary Nurse Aide

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Our Stories

  • 5-6-2021 National Nurses Day - Thank you!

    At the end of the 19th century, “The Lady with the Lamp”, or as she is more commonly known, Florence Nightingale, founded modern nursing. Thanks to her strict use of hand-washing and hygiene practices while caring for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War, Nightingale and her helpers reduced the death rate from 42% to 2%, ushering in nursing as we know it today. On May 6, we recognize the important role nurses play in our lives by celebrating National Nurses Day. In celebration of National Nurses Day, May 6th, thank you to all our District nurses for the incredible impact you have on keeping us healthy.

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  •  Woodruff Hero Recognition April Board Meeting

    4-17-2018 Staff’s Quick Action, Expertise and AED Save Teacher’s Life

    Junior High teacher, Mrs. Mary Woodruff began to feel very bad during the school day on March 22, 2018. She sought assistance from Nurse Belinda Soto in the High School Nurse’s clinic. Mr. William Cross noticed the potential problem and came in to assist. As Mrs. Woodruff’s condition worsened, Nurse Soto and Mr. Cross made a couple quick radio and phone calls that resulted in Medina County Sheriff Deputy Tim Finnerty, Atascosa County Sheriff Deputy Daniel Hernandez, and Nurse Juanita Black arriving to help. Mrs. Woodruff declined to the point of losing consciousness and the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) available in the Nurse’s clinic was attached and powered on to monitor Mrs. Woodruff's heart activity, and dictate the nurses’ actions.

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Physical Activity Policy

  • The Texas Education Agency recently mandated that students in grades three through 12 participate in a yearly physical fitness assessment called the Fitnessgram.~Houston Chronicle (Texas) 10/25/2007 News Article

    A first-of-its-kind study of more than 2.4 million Texas students found that students who are physically fit are more likely to do well on the state's standardized tests and have good school attendance. Fit students are also less likely to have disciplinary referrals.  The findings released today are based on the results of a battery of six FITNESSGRAM® tests taken by students in grades 3-12 during the 2007-2008 school year. The FITNESSGRAM® tool was created by The Cooper Institute of Dallas.  The study analyzed data from 6,532 schools, which represents about 75 percent of the schools in Texas and about 84 percent of the school districts.

    "Our state and nation are struggling with obesity, thanks to the combination of increasingly sedentary lifestyles and the declining quality of diets," Gov. Rick Perry said. "We owe it to our children to take the appropriate steps to encourage fitness, steps that are made more clear by the information contained in this first round of testing. I am confident we are on our way to making a difference that will improve and even save lives." Commissioner of Education Robert Scott said, "Texas is the first state to require an annual physical fitness assessment of public school students. Today's research results show that improving our children's physical fitness can have positive results not only for the children, but for the schools as well.

    Tens of thousands of schools nationwide use the FITNESSGRAM assessment. These include individual school settings as well as large district implementations in cities like New York City (NY), Baltimore County (MD) Public School District, and Miami-Dade County (FL) Public Schools--and even statewide implementation, as in Delaware and California. ~Texas Education Agency 3/9/09 News Release

Physical Fitness Assessment

  • Annually, the district will conduct a physical fitness assessment of students in grades 3 – 12.  At the end of the school year, a parent may submit a written request to a campus physical education teacher to obtain the results of his or her child’s physical fitness assessment conducted during the school year.